About MPA

About Missouri Paralegal Association


On January 15, 1987, by formal declaration, the Missouri Alliance of Paralegal Associations (MAPA) was created as a central forum and unified voice for Missouri paralegals. MAPA perceived the need for an organization with membership open to all Missouri paralegals. On November 12, 1998, the delegates unanimously agreed that, because representation by MAPA was contingent upon membership in a local paralegal association, MAPA was not able to meet the needs of all paralegals throughout the state. MAPA created a new organization and, upon doing so, was dissolved.

The Missouri Paralegal Association (MPA)

MPA was incorporated in 1998 as a Missouri non-profit corporation. In 2009, the Missouri Paralegal Association became a member association of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA).


The purpose of the Missouri Paralegal Association shall be to serve paralegals and to advance the paralegal profession by the following means:

Develop and advance the highest quality standards for education, ethical responsibility and professionalism;
Serve as a unified voice for Missouri paralegals;
Promote the independence and self-direction of the paralegal profession;
Monitor, support and participate in changes and developments in the paralegal profession on local, state, national and international levels;
Increase the knowledge of the public, the judiciary, and the legal community regarding the paralegal profession; and
Advance, foster and promote the paralegal profession.


The State of Missouri shall be divided into three districts to be identified as follows:

Northern District
Southern District
Eastern District

Determination of district membership for voting members shall be based in most cases upon the business address of the voting member or the school address of the student member.

Board of Directors

It is the responsibility of the Board to establish policy and further the advancement of MPA’s mission statement, purposes and goals.

The MPA Board of Directors consists of:

Directors from each District;
A nonvoting attorney; and
A nonvoting general public member

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall report to the Board of Directors and shall run the daily operations of MPA. Officers of the Executive Committee include:

President-Elect – co-chair of the Membership Committee
First Vice President – Chair of the Professional Standards and Ethics Committee
Second Vice President – Chair of the Programs and Professional Development Committee


The Standing Committees of MPA are:

Budget and Finance
Ways and Means
Professional Standards and Ethics
Programs and Professional Development
Public Relations and Association Publications


The Association’s Bylaws are here:

MPA Bylaws

Past Presidents

2017-2018 – Karla Hardin

2016-2017 – Kathy Widman

2015-2016 – Lisa Goacher

2014-2015 – Kerry Noe

2013-2014 – Kerry Noe

2012-2013 – Virna Camacho

2011-2012 – Virna Camacho

2010-2011 – Kathy M. Widman

2009-2010 – Dori DeCook

2008-2009 – L. Jane Jacobs

2007-2008 – Karla Hardin

2006-2007 – Debra Wells

2005-2006 – Jennifer Crisp

2004-2005 – Lynda Fraza

2003-2004 – Jackie Harkrider

2002-2003 – L. Jane Jacobs

2001-2002 – Pamela J. Spencer

2000-2001 – Jackie Harkrider

1999-2000 – Jackie Harkrider

1998-1999 – Incorporated by Pamela J. Spencer, Donna Ferkel, Jennifer Crisp, Diane Hook, Jackie Harkrider and Marie Smith