MPA President’s Message

Discover the rewards of encouraging paralegal students to take their internships!

For several years now, I have sat on the Missouri Western State University’s Paralegal Advisory Committee. I was asked to join the committee when I was still in college and have continued to serve on it each year since then. The purpose of the committee is to provide input for the paralegal curriculum at MWSU. We meet a couple of times each year and I am always amazed at how much the program has grown and expanded since I graduated.
One of the topics of discussion at our most recent meeting was placement of paralegal students for their internships. It made me think back to my two internships taken with an outstanding attorney who not only taught me everything I know but gave me a lot of insight into what it takes to operate and succeed in the legal arena. Those two internships led me to my first job with this attorney and those experiences are a big part of why I have been a paralegal for the past 29 years.
I know that several other MPA members serve on these types of committees and that they also speak to student groups on a regular basis at local area colleges in their regions. I think that this level of interaction with paralegal students is critical to MPA now, and in the future. So, with that said, I encourage all MPA members to strive to become more active with your local colleges either by serving on a committee or board, speaking with student classes or volunteering to participate in their campus organization activities or by actively providing a venue for a student to take their internship. I guarantee you will not regret the experience!
If you are interested in seeking out opportunities in your region and don’t know where to start, please contact me and I will get you in touch with someone who can help.

Karla Hardin

MPA President